How Many Puppies Do Pit Bulls Have?

Pit bulls are known for their ability to reach their sexual maturity quickly. For instance, most male Pitbulls will show mounting behavior after a month or so. So when these dogs reach their adolescent stage, you might want to consider your approach to breeding. If you aim to breed puppies, you should take note that the average gestation period is between 59 to 63 days.

If your female Pit bull is well-nourished and healthy, they can produce an average of 5 puppies per litter. However, this can vary from the type of dog and their pregnancy. Some dog owners can only get up to two pups while some end up with a pack of 10 on their hands. Additionally, it is also important to know the essential supplies they need to prepare for the arrival of your new puppies.

Determining factors for the number of puppies that your Pit bull can produce

While five Pit bull pups are just an average, there are, however, some factors that can affect the number of pups that will be born, such as the following.

サイズ: The larger your Pit bull size, then more likely she'll have more puppies. In fact, some big size female Pit bulls can produce up to 10 puppies in one litter. Also, if this is her second litter, a large-size dog, can produce up to 14 puppies at one time. On the other hand, the normal litter size runs to about 5 to 6 puppies.

Health: The health of your Pit bull can affect the pregnancy, as well as the number of puppies that are born. Even if there are five or more pups that are conceived, that doesn't mean that they will be going to survive during the full gestation period. Similar to pregnant women, your Pit bull needs a balanced diet, healthy environment with minimal stress levels. A stressed Pit bull may struggle to carry all their pups to full-term. It may cause miscarries, absorbed, or still-born.

Age: A litter size can also vary with age. A young Pit bull mother can expect to produce around five or more puppies on her second or third litter. However, that number might decrease as they get older. It is also essential to note that once your Pit bull reaches sexual maturity, their first litter may also be a little smaller. So in case you only see two pups from the first litter, then you should not be worried.

Other essential things you need to know about Pit bull pregnancy

Even if you are a Pit bull breeder, it is essential to note that your Pit bull should not be made to produce more litters than is healthy. Pregnancies on older Pit bulls can be extremely stressful and harmful for them. It might even affect the health of the puppies. You should always be a responsible owner and do only one litter a year until they reach the age of 6.


During your Pit bull's pregnancy, you need to be very careful. These dogs have a lighter coat, so you might want to buy them some dog clothes or dog sweater to keep them warn. Also, you should only give them nutritious foods and allow them to have proper rest. In case your Pit bull produces a large litter for the first time, you might want to consult your vet for appropriate guidelines in taking care of your dog.